Monday, February 16, 2009

Does he even know where he is?

I love Ali. I mean he was the greatest right? But seeing him at the NBA All Star game made me sad because he doesn't even look like he knows where he is any more. He reminds me of an old show dog being led along for photo ops. I mean can you seriously tell me he needs the money? All the people pulling his leash seem to be well dressed. Seriously I bet the old man just wanted a nice recliner and blanket this weekend and instead he got a hard plastic seat in a loud arena while "fans" asked for his autograph. The dude can't hold his hand still enough to take a leak and you want him to write on a coctail napkin. It seems cruel and inhuman to me. Maybe he asked to go I just have a very hard time believing that. Sir you are still the greatest in my books. Hopefully one day everyone will leave you alone so you can get the rest you deserve.

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