Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fine Label Me I'm Still Going To Say It!

Hell I don't even know what picture to put with this. I am saying same old song and dance for this country and we are all too stupid to see it because we are too busy celebrating "a new day in America". People I'm sorry to tell you this but it's the same day as before. We are still in Iraq, our brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors are still dieing. Our economy still belongs to China yet we all still keep shopping for cheaper. Children are dieing every day in Gaza under the excuse of a war against terror. John Stewart and Rachael Maddow are still two of the few repoters on television actually reporting the damn news. I'm still eating Rammen Noodles and Wendys double stacks every night much like the rest of you. American industry is still dieing and more and more of our friends and relatives are becoming jobless or homeless. Children are still dropping out of school at an allarming rate and drug dealers rule our streets. But hey there is a bright side right?

Sure I can see what the new Presidents daughters are having for lunch today, at a school that costs more in enrollment fees than my home, by flipping on MSNBC. I can flip over to Fox News and be reassured that the new President knows how I feel as he drops countless taxpayer dollars, along with money borrowed from China, to remodel a home that was just redone 4 years ago, buy expensive dogs after saying he's going to the shelter to get one, throw the biggest yay me party of all time, put men who are currupt or just plain idiots into power positions in the country. Ah I feel all warm and fuzzy. It is truelly a new day. I mean the previous administration was wastefull and inconsiderate of what it's people wanted and I know I sure want those girls to have dogs worth more than my car. I try not to cuss often on here but I must say are we fucking stupid? Are we so happy that we have overcome racism that we don't even question where our money is going? My town had the state pull $30000 from our road fund just the other day. How much do you think the Obama red carpet event is going to cost? I'm sorry if I'm not jumping for joy andignoring the issues like so many others. I'm sorry that we are this stupid. That's right America we are STUPID! We are so complacent and proud that our nation has evolved that we have forgotten to do what we do best, bitch about what the man is doing wrong. Why is Tiger Woods speaking to our country? What does he know about the nations problems? I want inspiration not cheap tricks to divert my attention. I want Congress to take some lay offs and pay cuts, I want CEOs to have to give up money every time they decide that lay offs are a good idea. I want this nation to be for it's people not just the select few with money. What is wrong with this thinking? I want to see Martin Kings dream come true where we judge a man by his actions not by the color of his skin. I want to see the party be a prayer, a swear in and our President heading out to get to work rather than lobster tails and bubbly on my dime. I want to not have to appologize for slavery anymore. Yes it happened, yes it was horrible but there are very few cultures in this world that haven't been wronged. I want to see an Irish history month. I want to see a pro abortion parade. I want to see this nation of uptight pantywastes quit being so damn PC. I want racist terms used so frequently that they lose their power. Either that or I never want to hear a racist term in a fucking song preformed by a person of that race again. I want people to quit going to movies or watch tv shows that steriotype (laughing the whole time) then act like they are so evolved when out in public. I want people to treat the police the way they did after 9-11 rather than like they have the plague. Oh but I'm off base right? I'm uptight and racist I guess. Isn't it historic every time we elect a President? I think I had to memorize even the useless ones when I was in school. Oh well I'm headed out to flip on CNBC and take my mind off things. I hear they are following the first lady to show us what she plans on wearing to Tuesdays event. You know... news.

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