Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new day in America?

This was brought to my attention from another blog (imnotamonster.com). There he is the new President ellect with a giant biggot he allowed to give a prayer at his inauguration. Mind you "pastor" Rick Warren compairs gay couples to pedophiles and incest. Yes it is truelly a new day in America. We have essentially passed the buck in my eyes and decided on a new enemy to hate. I challenge the new president now. If a man preaches racism and bigotry then do not shake his hand, do not invite him to the White House, and do not let him speak on your behalf. If his comments had been about being black or Muslim do you think he would have even made it in the door? It is time for our nation to evolve and start actually practicing what we preach. Seperating church and state would mean that one must throw out all religious arguements when it comes to gay marriage. Send us your hungry your tired your poor would mean that we all stop complaining that imigrants want to come work here. If Canadians flooded the border do you think we would discuss building a wall? No they walk, talk, speak and eat like us so we would never even notice they were here. Let us acctually create an America worth being proud of. There is alot to the saying "To each their own."

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