Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Deal With This Question Every Day

Apparently we don't want free thinkers in todays society. It hurts business right? We may offend someone or worse yet cause them to disagree. I own a hardware store (kinda) and I get hit with this every day. I'm told that people who don't agree with me will stop shopping with me. My answer to this is good riddance, if you are that narrow minded that you don't think I should have an opinion then you are also too narrow minded for me to show you how to fix your 100 year old faucet at a fraction of the cost compared to buying a new one. I've been told that yes I can have an opinion but keep it anonymous. Bull shit any man that says something that he is afraid to sign his name to lacks the integrity it takes to be a man. You have two things in this world your word and your balls without either you may as well do us all a favor and start digging a hole and save us the trouble of burying your zombie ass. One of the "men" that is always telling me these things was once a marine. I have to ask what happened sir that you became such a good lap dog? Was it while you were fighting for our freedom to say and live as we please that you decided the fight wasn't worth it? Sad really. I blog because I want to be heard. Yes I want people to agree with me but just as equally I want people to disagree. That is what makes America so beautiful. Do we really want a bland and boring society where we all just fall in line and do and say as we are told? I lost respect for a fellow blogger and musician this week that I once found to be my favorite and now I just find her to be a self righteous, overbearing, contradiction. I will not go see her shows anymore nor will I buy her cd's. It isn't that I disagree with what she says either. Most of the time on Otep, or Danger whatever she's going by now, I am first in line to support her arguements and stance. I do believe we are all perfectly flawed, I do believe we all must stand up, speak out, and strike back, I just no longer believe she does. And the autograph seeking tools of her site lick the bottom of her shoes without ever backing up to say hey this is stupid. If you say something on her site she doesn't like then she personally opens the floodgates on you screaming conservative idiot! Then on Myspace she har the Obama quote that there is no liberal or conservative America there is only the United States of America. Girl if you read this then you really need to back away from the fame for a second and see that you have become what you hate. A biggoted oppresor! Yes we all know you are a lesbian but that still gives you no right to slam a free thinker on your site (by the way for those of you wondering it wasn't I who was slammed but it was I who went to the persons deffense). Isn't free speach what you claim your site is all about yet it seems to me that the message you are sending is stand up speak out strike back unless you disagree with me then fuck off. But hey correct me if I'm wrong. So in conclusion here because I've rambled on far longer than I intended, I am still going to blog and if you don't like what I say then the solution is real simple don't read it. I intend to continue the fight for free speech and equality because I sleep a lot better at night this way and honestly my Mom will kick my ass if I ever stop.

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