Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gonzo Day?

Thanks to all who participated today in Rabbit Hole day in honor of Lewis Carrol's 177th birthday. I have found several stories that put mine to shame and think that we all gained a bit from looking through the mirror at ourselves. February 20th marks the passing of Hunter S. Thompson and I perpose we start a new honorary day (I haven't been able to find that anyone has yet so what the hell I'm a trend setter). I say we call it Gonzo Day and celebrate much in the same fassion. Find anything in life you would like to write about and then husk it and show what makes it tick. Remember Hunter is famous for his non-fictional style being told through a hazey and somewhat grotesque way so don't hold back. Let lose on the world and scream for the change that is needed. Honor a great man's memory by not being comliant for one day in your life. It may feel good to let loose and you might find that something needs exposed that you didn't realize before.

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