Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Have To Do It, I Declare War!

This is the anonymous. This is the guttless critic that hides in his or her own home and work trying to get under my skin. I guess they have succeeded a tad because here I am having to post about them. The funny part is they are friends and neighbors that are supposed to be so much more mature that I am. All I see is a mindless rant from critics that don't even believe their own rants. That is right you guttless cowards you don't even have the courage or conviction to stand behind your words. You are sad and pathetic due to the fact that the greatest thrill in your misserable little lives is to bring pain to others. Do you ever say anything of worth? Do you ever contribute to a conversation? Or do you just enjoy being a cancer on an artistic and free thinking world? Many of you need to sit with my mother and father because there is one thing they know about me that you all need to learn. The harder you push me and try and stop me the harder I fight to continue my ways. I'm an asshole that way. So keep it up. Really tell me I'm horrible with little to no explanation why, call me gay or a druggie or whatever other false and meritless accusation you would like to throw my way. Just when you do realize that I shed no tears in fact quite the opposite. When I am successful I will have to put each and every one of you faceless in my acknowledgements because you pushed me to get here. Thank you zombie people because without you I probably would have quit long ago.
In answer to an anonymous claim earlier I am no follower. I actually spend most my spare time doing that which the rest of you have somehow forgotten how to. I spend time with your kids, help them with their homework, coach their little league teams, take them on trips to skate parks, or lazer tag, or concerts, but mostly I just express an interest that isn't that hard to accomplish. At the end of the day myself and a few quality parents of this town have spent the time to help shape the youth and prove that people do care. One day maybe you will have time to do the same if you ever grow a spine, get off your keyboards and stop bitching about the world and actually do something to change it. I know it's hard to throw a ball with a bag on your head but a little practice and you may some day get it.

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