Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Proof That We Need Change

Take a wild guess where this is at. Come on people see the little Chinease made flags on sticks it isn't that hard. Giving up huh? This is the "most historic day of our generation" and it's not here in Ark City. This is at the party in D.C. and it is proof that we are the problem America. Lazy wastefull and dumb are words that all come to mind. What I've never been able to understand is people carry their food into large events like this but once they have finnished scarfing down the Mac and fries apparently the bags become too cumbersome to carry away. Shame on you Mr. Obama for not having any trash cans at your party. I'm putting it to a vote right now worst president ever! Truth is Obama has nothing to do with this. It is you people who just expect the next guy to get it for you that are to blame. The next guy, isn't that a nice idea? I don't have to do shit for myself because the magical superhero Next Guy will fly in and save the day! Duh du du Dumbasses! Everyone was so wrapped up in the history that apparently they forgot to listen to the speech. We have to start doing for ourselves America and that includes the common curtosy of cleaning up after yourself and leaving the world better than when you got here. No I'm not going to go out and chain myself to a tree and sing "We are one" with a bunch of long haired unshaven people needing showers (joking in the insults there I love hippies) (but you do stink) but at the same time if I can teach my 8 year old to put his whopper wrapper into a trash can then I'm sure you grown and evolved "people of change" can do the same right? And I don't mean to imply only litter here. In work and school and life in general we seem to have found a comlacency to let the next guy get it. We shove our problems onto him and often blame him, we do the bare minimum with hopes he will pick up the slack, we waste our money knowing our neighbors are starving but thinking it's not our problem. This is the kind of thinking that will make this country fail. Honestly we are failures right now but hey that's ok because the next guy will do better right?

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