Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who Am I?

So I had one hell of a weird day that I won't get into because, well frankly it has nothing to do with the topic. Heck I've had a weird week to say the least and it helped to create my topic here. You see I spend some of my free time doing what I love and that is debating. I was captain of the debate team my junior year and honestly it just never gets out of your blood. The problem I have as I was told today is that I'm an easy target with my piercings, tattoos, clothing style, life style, etc. which causes me to get slammed by people who must have nothing better to do. Most of the time they don't even contribute to the debate they just try to hit me below the belt. Honestly it hurts, if you don't think that my feelings can get hurt then you are far less human then I give you credit for. But I endure, I keep living the way I feel is best for me and I try and ignore the labels that get slapped on me. I was asked a couple days ago by a 13 year old that I consider a very good friend if he should get his lip pierced. I told him no which gained me the question of if I was going to be a hypocrite. My response was that no one should get their lip pierced if they are not ready to take abuse every day for the fact that they have it and until he is strong enough to let it slide off his back rather then raise his fists then he should not. I let a lot slide off my back but the mix in my blood lines leaves you with a very sarcastic person that once again likes to debate and will normally have a retort. Why do women pierce their ears? Does that make any more sense then a pierced lip or belly button? Shouldn't grandmas everywhere be the same social outcasts as the woman with a tongue and eyebrow ring? Why do people get piercings? I know the answer do you? It is an ancient custom to keep evil spirits from entering the body that is even mentioned in the bible. So next time you see a satanist walking along with his giant nose ring you now know he is a walking contradiction. Fun huh? Regardless my tats and piercings, concert t-shirts and red AC baseball cap may say a lot about my interests but do not make me the man I am. First I am a father who loves his son more than I will ever love anyone else. I am a loyal friend that will sacrifice himself to try and help those I love. I am a man of the community that interacts with even the people most deem unworthy. I am an artist who draws and writes not only for the pleasure of just doing so but also to expand my mind so that it doesn't grow stale. I'm a mentor whether in the sports I sponser and coach, the skaters I take to towns more tollerant of them, or just the random child that just needs a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. I'm a monster in that I don't have any desire to fall in line with the rest of society and have the world tell me who I am. I'm a fan of film and music of all kinds and respect anyone who pushes themselves to any form of artistry. I'm a debater who will often take a side in an arguement that I don't even believe in order to just show there is always two sides. I'm a boss meaning I put my employees first and make sure that their is nothing I can't cut back on myself rather then cut their jobs. I'm a patriot that believes in my country, my community and it's people though the feeling isn't always returned. I'm a questioner who doesn't just accept simple yes or no answers I feel it is everyones duty to know the when, where, why and the how. Most of all, I'm me plain old Zach Bryant. In other places in the USA I would be considered a square when here I am labeled odd. The thing is I'm ok with odd because if I can run down that list every night and have the same answers I think that when my day comes God and I will be just fine. The questioner in me has to ask though how do you think he will feel about the name calling and insults? Ok so if you don't believe in God let me ask how do you feel about the name calling and insults? I don't know how many times I have appologized and I will do it again here but honestly that is all I can do. I'm so very sorry for any wrong I may have done any and all of you. If you choose to accept the appology then thank you if you need more then that then let me know and I will personalize it. If you decline my appology then there is nothing more I can do so I guess hurl your rude comments my way if it help you to sleep better at night. I am the Dead Rabbit, I have love in my heart and family by my side and there isn't a thing that anyone can do or say to take that away from me. Thank you for reading I tried to catch the mis-spelled words for you all.

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